Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Portable Accommodation

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Advantage Of Portable Accomodation

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Monday, November 5, 2012

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Resort Members Association

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Time Share Scam-Resort Members Association "Eliminating" Maintenance Fees May Cost Thousands

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

St Therese

46 years ago, I was due to be born on the 3rd of October. My mother and father chose the name Therese Angela as the feast of St Therese was on the 3rd and the feast of the Guardian Angels on the 2nd. I was born on the 1st and years after I was born, the feast of St. Therese was changed to the 1st. Since my parents named me after St. Therese, I did have a small devotion to her and asked her often to intercede for me but I didn't really realise just how holy her life was.

A couple of times, I started reading her autobiography but  found it hard to read and just a bit too fluffy.  

In 2001, we moved away from family and friends for a job that Steve got with Catholic Education. The year was really tough on us. We were adjusting to living away from family and friends, Tom got type one diabetes, Amelia was born and Steve found teaching very difficult. It was a year full of challenges for us.

I was feeling quite annoyed with God and kept on asking him why we were dealing with so much. I cannot remember how I came across St. Therese's autobiography but I remember thinking that I should try and read it one more time and that maybe I could get something out of it.

The story touched me profoundly. I realised just how holy St. Therese was and that her little way was indeed something that could help me live a full life. I knew that been named after such a holy person was a real gift. I also realised just how rich the Catholic church was with patron saints to give us good examples in living the faith. They are just like big brothers and sisters encouraging us and leading us by example.

Thank you St. Therese for your little way and for being such a good example in living a life for God Thank you also for your intercession for my family and me.


Sunday, September 30, 2012

I'm back.

Well tomorrow it will be three weeks since I posted and took my break. This week we have been on holidays so I have broken my hiatus a bit and been on facebook and playing wwf.

Over the last three weeks, I didn't get any sewing done at all until Thursday when Steve, Madeline, Brigette and Tom went on a hiking trip and I was left with just Sam, Amelia, Christopher and Joseph at home. When they left, I had a big clean out of our bedroom and sewing area and then prepared one pattern. I will get more done this week though and my time off social networks has been rewarded with a much more organised house.

This week is the second week of holidays. My plan is to get term 4 curriculum ready for Christopher, do some sewing and relax. This will be Christopher's last term of home school. Next year, he will be going to our local primary school around the corner. I will be at home with just Joseph and my life will be very different I think. I do think that it is the right time to finish of our home schooling though. Christopher can manage his diabetes a little bit more now and the school will support us in caring for him too.

Last Monday, Steve and I had a day trip to Adelaide to get our car serviced. We left all the children home and had a great day out by ourselves. The car had a few extra things that need to be done so we may be going back this week for another day if the parts arrive in time. If they don't, it will probably be the Christmas holidays before we can get it done. I really hope they arrive and we can get it done this week though

We have also booked a weekend away for next weekend. We are going to Endilloe lodge in Quorn. We will just have the one night away but I am looking forward to having more time alone with Steve. This is one of the things I love about having older children and young children. We have plenty of baby sitters to help out and I am going to take full advantage of it.

I also have a little prayer request for you all. Last night, we got to church early and I was going to pray the rosary. Joseph ended up been a typical 2 year old so I decided to sit with him rather than pray the rosary. I thought I put my rosary in my handbag but this morning when I went to get it out, it wasn't there. We looked at church and out in the car park and around the house but it still hasn't shown up. This rosary was made for us by a friend and they have great sentimental value to me. I really hope I find them so if you could all say a prayer and hopefully I will find them.


Monday, September 10, 2012


Going to get some summer sewing done and a few other priorities in order. Going to stay off social networks for three weeks except for Sundays. Will keep up with blogs in my reader each weekend but probably won't leave any comments. Anyone that visits here will be in my prayers.

See you all when I get back.


Sunday, September 9, 2012

What we have in the freezer now.

I have managed to get 21 meals in our freezer this weekend. Tomorrow I will finish off the other 6. 

Here is what I have done so far. 

Moroccan meatballs. 

chicken schnitzels. 

cooked the meat for the Singapore noodles.

Tuna patties.

Eggplant Parmesan

spaghetti bolognaise.  

I have also made some chicken stock for the meatballs. 

Tomorrow I will finish off by cooking the mushroom pasta and preparing the meat for the Warm Chicken Noodle Salad. 

I was going to do a run down of what I do for each meal in my prep and what I do when it is time to prepare each meal but really need an early night and to do a few other things so I will just go through one meal. .

I will post more about it this week. 

First on the list was the Moroccan meatballs.

I mixed up the meatballs, rolled them together and laid them out on trays. I put the trays in the freezer for about 2 hours and then put the meatballs into freezer bags. 

I will get the meatballs out of the freezer the day before we have them and let them defrost in the fridge. On the day we cook them, I will put them in my slow cooker and then add pasta sauce, diced tomatoes and onions. They will be served with pasta and vegetables. 

Friday, September 7, 2012


Today I started getting ready for our big cook for the next 4 weeks.

I have done my menu plan, shopping lists and been through our cupboard to see what we already have.

I have been cooking our meals ahead off and on for a long time now. Over the years I have learnt many things and I am much more efficient at it now.

I start off picking out the recipes I will be doing. I do 9 different meals 3 times each and on the last night, we either get take away or just have some leftovers.

This month we have:

Moroccan meatballs.
Singapore noodles
Teriyaki chicken noodle salad
Tuna patties
Chicken fried rice
Eggplant Parmesan
Spaghetti bolognaise
Mushroom pasta.

Once I have chosen the meals I put them in a calender and print it off. This way I know what we are having and we spread the meals out.

After the menu plan, I do my list. I put a 3x3 table on a word document and each section has a meal. I then put all the ingredients we need for the meals for each one.

I then go through my list and work out what I need for our cooking day and what we will need to buy each week. I highlight the things we need for our cooking day and then put them into a shopping list. Many things are doubled up but I simply put amounts next to them rather than write the item twice.

Next is the weekly shopping list. I work out what fresh items we will need and put them in a list. For instance, when we have the schnitzels, I want to have salads to go with them. I generally buy this when I do the weekly shop rather than ahead.

Once all the lists are made, I go to my cupboards and see what we have already and cross them off the list.

Then I do my shopping.

Tomorrow I will go into details with my meal prep on the cooking day and how I freeze them.

If any one wants to see my lists, I have put them in google doc's and you can find them here:

Menu list and ingredients.

Weekly menu plan. 

Weekly shopping list for week 4.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

This is what I need.

Watch "Robomaid RM-770 Robot Vacuum Cleaner" on YouTube

At the moment, Sam mops our kitchen floor. Next year though, he is probably moving to Adelaide for study.  I need a robot to sweep :he tiles and then mop them. I will have to show this to Steve.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The end of the weekend.

Spring has sprung here and the weekend has been great. Steve and I went for a walk yesterday and today. We are going to be walking in two weeks in the City to Bay run/walk. We are doing the 6km walk with Brigette and Daniel is running the 12km. I am pretty confident we will be able to walk the 6 km in one hour.

This week is going to be pretty busy. Tomorrow morning Joseph has his final physio session for a while. They give the children a break so that they still enjoy coming along. On Tuesday, Christopher will have speech therapy and then on Wednesday I am taking Tom to Adelaide to get his new pump.

This weekend is our oamc. I want to get a post up here for Nancy since she is going to start doing this for her family. 

Now that we are in spring and summer is not far away, I am going to start doing some different meals. In winter we have a lot of crock pot meals and soups. In summer, I tend to do salads and meals that don't need a lot of heating and make the house hot.

These are the meals I have decided so far are going to be on our list this month:

Teriyaki Chicken noodle salad.

Singapore noodles.

Moroccan meatballs.

Chicken Fried Rice.

Tuna Patties.

I will choose another 5 later this week.

So the weekend is just about finished. I will roll our fruit buns out soon and then head to bed. I hope you all have a great week. I will probably be scarce on blogging since the week is going to be so busy.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I missed my blogaversary.

I knew it was in August but I thought it was this week. Just as well I am not married to my blog. It would have been mad that I forgot and didn't do something significant.

So 6 years ago last Thursday, I opened Aussie Coffee Shop with this post.

It has been a great place for me to make friends and keep memories of our family growing up. Over the last 6 years I have posted 1674 postr here. That is just mind blowing to me.

Every Friday morning I have a prayer hour at our local church and one of my prayers is for all who read my blog and for me to be guided by the Holy Spirit in anything I share about my faith.

Thanks for all the support you have been to me. I hope you all continue to enjoy coming here and hearing about our family.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Well it is three weeks since I last updated my blog. I have had a few ideas of things to post about but just really didn't want to blog.

I also had a think about just giving up blogging for good but after praying about it and talking with Steve I have decided it is something I want to continue doing.

So what has been happening in our house in August.

At the beginning of August, Brigette picked up some bug. She was feeling unwell for a few days and I decided to do a fasting blood sugar level. When we tested her, it was high for fasting so I took her down to be tested for type one diabetes antibodies. I prayed and hoped that it would come back negative and it did. I was so relieved.

Christopher has started a second block of speech therapy this month too. We have had three sessions and will continue till the end of school term. Next term he will have a third block. It will be the last one at our community health centre since in 2013 Christopher will be starting school. DECS will probably provide some support for him at school with his speech therapy so it won't be the end of it by any means.

Joseph has been doing physio also during August. His block was suppose to finish at the end of July but the physio decided to continue since the botox has warn off. We will have our last session next week and then he will have a break from the sessions but I will continue doing exercises with him each day. He is getting a new AFO since his leg has grown. I have been looking around for long socks to put under it in summer. I suspect that one of the reasons he hated wearing it when he first had it was because it made him so hot. I need to find him some cotton or silk socks to wear under it.

I finally finished of our bedroom curtains this month. Now I am getting excited about doing some sewing for summer. We have had some beautiful sunny days here and I am hoping the weather will really warm up soon.

Next week I will be taking Tom to Adelaide to get a new pump. He will be getting the Medtronic Veo. This is the same as the one he already has but has more features. Christopher is already on the Veo so I know all the features. This week, I received a new meter for Christopher from Medtronic that communicates with the veo. Tomorrow we will get the strips for it and I will set up his pump and meter to communicate with each other. I am looking forward to having this. It will mean I won't have to go looking around his bed each night for his pump to enter the information myself.

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Tonight I am making fruit  scrolls. I though while I was waiting for them to bake in the oven, I would post here since I haven't posted for a while.

Joseph has had his glasses for nearly 2 weeks now and he wears them everyday. He occasionally takes them off and puts them on the ground but will usually put them back on when we ask him too. His leg muscles are tightening up again probably because he has had a growth spurt so we have some more physio sessions for him this month and Steve and I are spending a bit of time getting him to kick balls with his left leg. I also take him to the foreshore most mornings. While we are there, I get him to walk across this low stepping bridge with his left leg first and to climb the stairs to the slippery dip with left leg first too. 

Earlier this week, we had solar panels put on our roof. We had 21 panels put up and we are hoping this will be enough that we don't pay for electricity again or that we pay very little for it. With 9 people living in our house, our electricity bill is huge so this seemed like a really good investment for us. 

Also this week, I watched this youtube video for the first time. I loved it and have watched it several times since.

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Joseph's new glasses.

Today we got these glasses for Joseph. They are Mira-Flex brand. Mira-Flex are designed especially for young children. I hope we can keep these one's on a bit better than the last pair.
He has kept them on most of the time today so we are hopeful.

What is the Source of Human Dignity?

The source of human dignity is the reality of our being made in the image and likeness of our loving God. Because of this likeness each of us searches for what is true and good. The gift of faith allows us to see what is truly good for us and gives us the courage to follow God's truth in our daily lives.

However, because of sin this not easy. Satan is constantly at work through lies, trying to lead us away from the living and true God in order to turn towards idols.

Sin does no eliminate our dignity and turn us totally away from God. There always remains within us the desire to know the truth and to do what is right and good. This desire for truth and goodness is our longing for God.

We never totally turn away from asking the ultimate religious question: what is the meaning of my life? It is only God who can fully answer these questions. It is only God's answers which can bring us peace.

A Guide for the Study of Veritatis Splendor by William F. Maestri

Friday, July 20, 2012

7 Quick Takes.


This week, term three started. On day 2, Christopher and I had our first power struggle. Mum was the winner. Day 3, 4 and 5 were proof of that. 


It is a month tomorrow since Joseph had his botox  injections. It seems to have been effective but his physio thinks they didn't give him a strong enough dose. We are seeing the Rehabilitation specialist on Monday so will see what he thinks about the progress. 


One of the reasons, Christopher and I had a power struggle on Tuesday was because I have started a new spelling program for him. This one is testing each day and once he has them all correct twice, we move on to a new group of words. This was the best spelling program I had for Tom and Amelia and the one that they retained what they had learnt. That is really the main goal of spelling so I decided to change over to this for Christopher. I will let  you know in a few weeks if it is working. 


Tonight Steve and I had a night out for tea. We went to Cafe Primo. It is a bit loud there but I have always enjoyed the food there. Steve loves Indian so maybe next time, we will go to the Indian restaurant.


Since our night away to hear Jill Stanek, Steve and I have decided we will try and get away every school holidays for one night on our own. There are quite a few bed and breakfast places close by to us so hopefully we will be able to do this each holiday. The next school holidays will be from September 21st till October 7th. 


On Monday night, Christopher was out riding his bike. His pump was in his pocket and fell out. He rode his bike over it. He showed me and explained what had happened but I didn't really pay much attention to it. I could see that he had scratched the side of the pump but didn't realise he had broken it completely. When we went to give him insulin with is tea, I realised it wasn't working so we put him on his backup health care plan. We spoke with an Endocrinologist that night and then rang Medtronic on Tuesday morning. We had a new pump for Christopher by Wednesday afternoon. 


On a positive note, the boys diabetes has been going really well this week. I like it when I know what has caused a high bsl or a low one and just  about all of them, I have known this week. I am conscious that a lot of the time that I write about diabetes and the boys on here, that I am writing negative things about it. I want to write about the good weeks too. 

Don't forget to drop over to Jen at Conversion Diary for more 7 quick takes. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

An evening with Jill Stanek.

Last night, Steve and I had a night away on our own. We went to Adelaide and listened to Jill Stanek speak. It was a great night. After the talk and question time, Steve and I went with Jill and some others for coffee at the Playford. Steve took this photo of Jill and I there.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekend wrap up.

We are now halfway through the holidays and we are having a great time. Saturday morning Tom, Amelia and Joseph  came to mass with us and straight after, Amelia, Joseph and I went shopping and Steve and Tom went and did some work for St. Vinnies. I spent the day preparing meals for the week. We had a visit from some friends from Adelaide in the afternoon. They came to Saturday vigil mass with us. After mass,  Steve and i went to a friends 50th birthday party. It was nice to get out on our own.
Today we had the morning at home.  In the afternoon, Steve, Brigette and I went to a talk on human trafficking. It was quite eye opening to hear about how people are abused and manipulated into being slaves to others. I didn't realize this is happening in Australia but it is.
Here is a photo I snapped today that I wanted to share. This is one of the things I love about having 8 children. My older children help out a lot with the younger ones and it makes life much easier.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


We are having a great holiday. We have caught up with family and had lots of time together. We have about a week and a half left and I have lots of plans for them. 

I have a few sewing projects. 

- finish our curtains for our bedroom. 
- sew a couple of pairs of leggings for me. 
- Do a couple more overalls for Joseph.

I am going to get our  term 3 home school program all written up. Last holidays I didn't really prepare for the term and it made home school much more difficult. It wasn't a good term to be so disorganised with all the extra therapies we had happening. 

Next week, I am going to be getting a heap of main meals and snacks cooked and in the freezer. 

I hope everyone else that is on  holidays is having fun. 


Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Garret

It was a great weekend but today was  Garret's day and we had a great time at
Sue and Rob's celebrating his 10th birthday with a pool party and ice cream dairy queen cake.

The sun was hot and the pool was very refreshing and they had a great time.

Next week Garret is planning a birthday party with some of his sports friends so hopefully the weather will be as agreeable as today.

Mac played golf this morning with Bill and returned this evening for Men's night, think they are getting lots of golf in so far this year for sure.

Time for strawberry jam making so better get with it.  Will give a detail of the weekend tomorrow...

Friday, June 29, 2012


Happy Friday and long weekend....

Well guess I was away longer than I thought from blogging but seemed to be busy each day.  This morning went to Champlain mall and found a few bargains, a little surprise for my daughter for a change.... Anitha is busy packing up for Florida, she leaves on Sunday with the early flight.  Anxious to see the family there and attend conference with her grandson.

While in Miramichi I had a chance to visit a dear friend Margot who has not been well, brought her a little plant to cheer her up and stayed a few hours.  Also had to have a whacky picture of Pat and I. lol..

Also went to see my cousin Ron, Jan and Whitney who just graduated from grade  12, She is seen in picture outside her home.  What a beautiful gown.  Uts been a busy few weeks for them all.  Whitney won many awards at graduation and is attending Mount A in the fall taking sciences.  Good luck Whitney.

Off to Saint John tomorrow, friends on Sunday and celebrating Garret's birthday on  Monday, busy weekend the way I like it....

Happy Canada day.....


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Catching up.

So for the last two days, I have read lots of blogs and caught up on news in general. I have read everything in my reader for the last couple of days and left a few comments too.

When I decided to cut back blogging to three times a week, I decided that I would try and find the time to reply to all the comments that were left here. It was something I saw Vicky, Sue and Victor all do and liked that they took the time to reply. I keep on missing replies though. I am hoping that will be one thing that will change now that I have a tablet and internet is much faster and accessible.

Tom's confirmation was a lovely night. Daniel, my mum and Daniel's girlfriend Cassie all came down on the Thursday and stayed until the Sunday. On Saturday, Tom's God parents came as well. I managed to sew Tom's pants and most of his shirt but we had a disaster with the sleeve. I was having trouble getting button holes in the cuff so after unpicking two bad button holes, I decided to put some studs in. I put the first one in the wrong way and realised straight away. I knew we wouldn't be able to fix it in time so we went to Target and got him a new shirt to wear instead. I still don't really know how to get the press stud out so think I will cut a new cuff and remove the other one. I will hopefully get it done during the holidays. My dress was really easy and I managed to finish it off while I was waiting for Daniel, Cassie and Mum to arrive. Photos will come soon. 

Joseph had the botox injections a week ago today. The Rehab specialist said it would take about a week for us to notice much difference. I took him for a physio session the next day and we could already see a marked change. I am really confident now that this treatment was just right for him and that we are going to see improvements in his walking and stance. 

Tomorrow is the last day of term 2 and we have two weeks of holidays. I am looking forward to having time with everyone. Daniel will be coming during the middle weekend and we have a few outings planned. 


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy Anniversary Anitha and Rama 43 yrs...

Rama and Anitha 43rd Anniversary

Chris, Christin,Megan Pat and Matthew
Kiley and Angela
Megan,Pat,Matthew and Nikk

Stephen, Kelly Nikk and Jorden
Pat and Pat
Had a lovely evening out with Rama and Anitha celebrating their 43rd Anniversary.  We went to Skipper Jack's, a seafood restaurent on Mapleton Road, a first time visit for all of us and not the last.
We had a bit of a wait but it was worth it, the food was excellent, the guys had fish and chips with Halibut, (usually its with Haddock but they ran out) and Anitha and I had steak, I know a seafood restaurent and having steak but Anitha is does not like fish. 

The owner of the food establishment came up to everyone saying he was sorry for the wait and offered us dessert on the house.  If your looking for good seafood try it, you won't regret it.

Here are some pictures of all of the gang at Pat's Saturday night, Pat was so pleased to have everyone together and we had a lovely evening. 

Rain here today, back to therapy this afternoon, thought the arm (tennis elbow) was cleared up but it acted up again so think maybe another treatment or so has to be done. 


I am back in the blogsphere. I have been absent due to life being very busy. Two weeks ago, I was busy getting ready for Tom's confirmation and last week, I was busy getting ready for our day trip to Adelaide for Joseph to have his botox injections. Finally this week I am feeling like life is easy again. I am hoping to get back into reading blogs and posting here too.

I have a new Android tablet and I am going to be using it for most of my blog pisting. This post is a bit of a trial run to see how ell the tablet handles it and how easily I can share posts on facebok, twitter and plurk. Looking forward to catching up with all your blogs.


Monday, June 25, 2012

Great weekend with great friends...

Friday I headed to Miramichi for a busy weekend with all the friends in Miramichi.  Friday evening we met with the gals from Royal Bank and enjoyed supper at the Castle Manor, a new restaurent in the center of town.

Mac had driven me to Rogersville to meet Pat and we enjoyed breakfast and visited Mr. Tomato and I picked up a couple of gifts for some special people I was going to visit.

Some of the gals were unable to make supper as they were away or not not feeling the best but we missed you Mary.....

Will share pictures from Saturday tomorrow...

Congratulations to the boys on playing such a great weekend of Lacrosse, Trent got MVP .  They didn't win the tournament but they had fun.  Even Dad is seen here helping out on the team. Rob is back row on the end next to man in black.  Grampie enjoyed all the games and Rama came to see the boys game and was very impressed with the game of Lacrosse.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pool is officially open.... can you tell...

The kids were having a ball yesterday as the pool came together and new pool toys were bought, newest toy called the Bee Hive.

Today is the last day of school so its fun fun fun for all the kids and I imagine a bit noisy at the Cormier house if this is any indication of whats ahead.

Getting ready to head out in morning to Miramichi for a few days , looking forward to seeing everyone.  Its going to be busy busy.

 This morning Kate made breakfast, french toast and I see she decorated it up with the local strawberries now out from Nova Scotia, are they ever good.  This is a favorite picture of Kate that I just love.

Well folks no blog tomorrow, off till next week when I return... See you then.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

swap cards received....

both cards came from Rena in Brooklyn NY....

Good morning everyone well had a busy day yesterday running most of day with Kate, boy its going tn be a busy summer.  Thank goodness their pool is ready and they will get to enjoy it with the nice weather.

Last night we attended the boys Lacrosse game and what a game it was.  First of all only 6 players showed up for the game against Sackville who had more than enough players.  Our boys were out on the rink the whole game and ended up with a tie game which made for an exciting game.  Garret got 2 goals and Trent 1 .

When I got home my friend Pat in Miramichi called and I am heading there this weekend, all  her family will be there and her son in law is making his famous fish and chips Saturday night so I  here he is makes them as good as Estey's Fish and chips so I will be the test Stephen....... I imagine I'll hear lots of jokes out of the cook as well. 

Friday night its dinner with the RBC girls, a fun night... always look forward to seeing them.  

Botox tomorrow.

This is Joseph's leg. See how he kinks his knee right back?
Tomorrow we will go to Adelaide and Joseph will have botox injections into his leg. This will paralysis his strong muscle so that he is forced to use his weak one.
I wanted to get this photo to see if we can notice a difference down the track with his leg.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Wall......

the old

Bill and Mac got at it...

The new.......

Well the guys worked all day on the wall and I was so pleased with the results, What a difference
the new bricks make.

While they took time off for lunch we had a surprise visit from Paula and Laurie from Oromocto, they came down to see the new golf store and of course they made purchases. lol... It was good to see
them and Pumpkin too..

Weather great this week and Men are off golfing. I was up early this AM and off to Riverview to take Kate to Boys and Girls club where she is volunteering this summer, unfortunately the meeting was not till this afternoon to introduce her to staff etc... 

Have a good day..

Monday, June 18, 2012

Fathers Day

 It was a beautiful sunny day and the kids came over to enjoy lunch with us.

The barbeque was full of hamburgers and a great day to enjoy the sun.  As you see Garret saw the opportunity to lay on the swing and enjoy his donut or should I say donuts........

The kids then enjoyed a swim in the pool at their other grandparents and had supper with them.

Kate brought Marcus along to meet the falily....