Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Resort Members Association

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Time Share Scam-Resort Members Association "Eliminating" Maintenance Fees May Cost Thousands

LABELLE, FL. -- If you have received a letter from Resort Members Association, with an offer to "participate in a program that may eliminate Maintenance Fees for timeshare owners," beware you may be getting scammed. Mailings are going out by the thousands to mailboxes around the country from a company called Resort Members Association of San Pedro, California. The "offer" says it's "only available to a select group of owners." It's postmarked from Fullerton, Ca. with a return address of 1621 West 25th St. Suite 157, San Pedro, Ca. The company has offices in Orlando, Florida and Torrance, California at 2239 West 190 Street, and according to one BBB complainant, allegedly is an unregistered fictitious name for the real company, Time Share Relief, Inc. whose owners are Paco Gray and Nicholas Worlds, both of Tampa, Fl. This is a typical mailing, usually trying to get you to come to a local hotel for a high pressure sales presentation where in the end, you will be writing a check for fees to allow the company to either buy or market your time share resort condo. They will not give you any information over the phone, but pressure callers to come in person to their hotel presentation. A clue to a possible scam is the letter is unsigned. There is no record of the company being registered at the Secretary of State's office in California or Florida, where we received the letter. Another clue is they claim the offer is "For a limited time," and give a cut off date to call their phone number (888) 242-8706. The phone number apparently changes depending on when you receive the letter. A second letter received showed (888) 453-9461 and included an "account number" of 9109206 under the heading of "Annual Association Notice" and again with a date to call them by. The Central Florida Better Business Bureau and Southern California BBB says the company, is not accredited and has had 10 complaints about sales and advertising tactics since May 2012. According to BBB records Resort Members Association began business in March 2012. The operations manager is listed as Robert Podlesni and the company is listed as a title company. Many people report getting mailings and phone calls from the company even though they don't own a time share and there is an allegation that it's website may contain malicious code.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

St Therese

46 years ago, I was due to be born on the 3rd of October. My mother and father chose the name Therese Angela as the feast of St Therese was on the 3rd and the feast of the Guardian Angels on the 2nd. I was born on the 1st and years after I was born, the feast of St. Therese was changed to the 1st. Since my parents named me after St. Therese, I did have a small devotion to her and asked her often to intercede for me but I didn't really realise just how holy her life was.

A couple of times, I started reading her autobiography but  found it hard to read and just a bit too fluffy.  

In 2001, we moved away from family and friends for a job that Steve got with Catholic Education. The year was really tough on us. We were adjusting to living away from family and friends, Tom got type one diabetes, Amelia was born and Steve found teaching very difficult. It was a year full of challenges for us.

I was feeling quite annoyed with God and kept on asking him why we were dealing with so much. I cannot remember how I came across St. Therese's autobiography but I remember thinking that I should try and read it one more time and that maybe I could get something out of it.

The story touched me profoundly. I realised just how holy St. Therese was and that her little way was indeed something that could help me live a full life. I knew that been named after such a holy person was a real gift. I also realised just how rich the Catholic church was with patron saints to give us good examples in living the faith. They are just like big brothers and sisters encouraging us and leading us by example.

Thank you St. Therese for your little way and for being such a good example in living a life for God Thank you also for your intercession for my family and me.