Friday, March 30, 2012


A walk Mac takes each morning, he seen these little chicks and their Mom today on the walk and the house sits by itself, no one lives in the home so probably a plan gone bad.

See you all Monday

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kirk and Debbie's

We all had a lovely evening with Kirk and Debbie last night and had a real southern meal...........pulled pork, and Key Lime pie. lol

Mac fed the ducks right outside the back door on the golf course and Laurie mentioned that the 2 ducks that come to their place brought little ones for a feed
of bread crumbs.

I got some pictures and one of Paula with Kirk and Laurie for her memory box of her Hole In One, (Kirk played with them that day)

We had a great evening and said our good byes till next year.

Unfortunately friends of Laurie and Paula's packed up this AM and heading home due to sickness, leaving a month early. Hopefully they also will return next year to the same condo.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Good morning, I am up early ready to head to airport with Anitha to say good-bye to her friend Sasu, we have had a wonderful week and even taught Sasu to play sequence.

Had Laurie for supper before he heads to airport to pick up Paula who is returning from NB.......after a busy week back home.

Tonight heading to Kirks and Debbie's for supper..... They leave Friday. Its been a great time with everyone and will be quiet the month of April without them although Anitha has lots of company heading this way for the month....

Doesn't the little squirrel look like he is ready to swing a golf club....? lol

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


We took a cruise while in Charleston, it was nice but really I would rather spend the time at plantation or Market and carriage ride.

We were all given a wooden nickel to get our boxed lunch, a sub, fruit salad and drink and cookie. (Anitha is holding the nickel)

The homes along the water line were out of this world and we got a look at Ft. Sumter, an island which you reach by boat. Also the 10th sub Yorkton seen in one picture with the aircraft on board.

The boat was filled so we had to sit below so pictures were hard to take.

Another beautiful sunny day, lots of our friends are packing for home , we are having supper tomorrow night with Debbie and Kirk Ferguson at their apartment before they leave on Friday.

Paula arrives back today and Anitha's friend Sasu leaves tomorrow so a little more shopping forn her this morning. lol

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Boone Hall Plantation

When you drive up the driveway to the plantation you see the world famous avenue of oaks. You really do feel like your on Gone with the wind movie and I was not surprised when I heard this plantation was seen in the Notebook, North and South, wheel of fortune and American idol.

We were unable to take pictures inside and I can understand because the beauty is something to see, from the winding staircase to the garden room, dining room and al the beautiful furniture. The oldest piece of furniture was a pie crust table, I have a pie crust table from the 1950's not near the age of the one I seen. lol

No kitchen, years ago they cooked in a building next to the house as the plantation did have several fires in early years. They use to whistle from the time they prepared the food till they served it because you could not eat and whistle at the same time. Just one of the little comments made .

The slave quarters were to the side of the main house, a little area all to themselves with a church.


Friday, March 23, 2012


It was a beautiful day for our trip to Charleston, a trip I have waited a few years to take. The bus was full and we headed out first for a carriage ride, a harbour tour , a short visit to the market and my favorite a visit to a plantation ( felt like I was on the movie (Gone with the Wind).

We were back in Myrtle Beach at 5:30 on the dot and I think I was in bed at 8:30, lol. The men enjoyed a day of golf at Heath Glen and they said it was a beautiful course to play.

Just wanted to add a few pictures of our trip and tell you its well worth taking the tour if your in the area..... See you Monday.

The yellow stuff is hand and body cream..... the building 3 stories shows you were the slaves entered. All houses are worth millions. Not unusual to see a graveyard next to a house. They are not allowed to tear down a property, only restore it. The market goes for many blocks.....

I will show you the plantation on Monday.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rick and Lucy

We had a nice evening at Anitha and Rama's, their guest Sasu arrived from Ontario and
Rick and Lucy from Moncton came down for a nice evening ,they leave Saturday but next year are thinking seriously of 1 month in MB.

Went shopping with Anitha and Sasu and picked a few things up I seen. Talked to trent for a minute to make sure I had the headphones he asked me to pick up.

Tomorrow we head to Charleston for bus trip so must be up at 5, ready for the road at 6. Looking forward to it. Paula left this am for 1 week.

Sorry to hear the news that our friend Brian and Margaret lost his Mom last night,she was 100 years old.... thinking of you.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

the beach

This is picture taken of Paula at Oyster Bay Golf club so we saved it for scrapbook.

Today we went to airport to pick up Anitha's friend from Ontario, she flew in for a week and we went for lunch an a stop at costco while in the area.

Today Anitha is looking at a Condo for next year so we went along and had a tour, same people own it as last year, just new management.

People is crowed these last few days with the sun shining.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

St Patrick's day gathering

Had a get together for St Patrick's day and Vivian and Gary Steeves and Debbie and Kirk Ferguson dropped, both women had worked together in Moncton as nurses so they had some catching up to do.

Malcolm bought a tincel wig at dollar tree and I greeted everyone at the elevator with my wig and my pot of gold Paula and Laurie brought over to me.

While we were all together the girls booked a trip to Charleston for the 22nd, I have been wanting to go there for years so finally here is my chance.

It rained so hard Saturday night and the thunder was loud but Sunday was a great day to sit at the pool, met more Canadians there from Ont and Nfld.

It was nice to chat with my friend Pat back in Miramichi, she was celebrating her birthday on the 17th.....

Missed the parade but I guess it went for 2 hours.... may try next year to go. Off to play sequence before Paula heads back to NB for a week.....

Friday, March 16, 2012

Time to celebrate


While we were wondering why the golfers were late getting back yesterday they had started celbrating at Oyster Bay golf course when PAULA got a hole in one.....!!Yeah

Everyone thought something happened when Paula came running up the golf course with excitement to tell Mac, Rama and Gary she did it!! They hugged her and went back to golf club after game for pictures and signing of papers etc...

We later did our own celbration at their place with champayne, and finger foods and Kirk and Debbie came over... Kirk was golfing with Paula and Laurie at the time.

Laurie figures he will have to carry her golf clubs from now on as she is a