Friday, June 29, 2012


Happy Friday and long weekend....

Well guess I was away longer than I thought from blogging but seemed to be busy each day.  This morning went to Champlain mall and found a few bargains, a little surprise for my daughter for a change.... Anitha is busy packing up for Florida, she leaves on Sunday with the early flight.  Anxious to see the family there and attend conference with her grandson.

While in Miramichi I had a chance to visit a dear friend Margot who has not been well, brought her a little plant to cheer her up and stayed a few hours.  Also had to have a whacky picture of Pat and I. lol..

Also went to see my cousin Ron, Jan and Whitney who just graduated from grade  12, She is seen in picture outside her home.  What a beautiful gown.  Uts been a busy few weeks for them all.  Whitney won many awards at graduation and is attending Mount A in the fall taking sciences.  Good luck Whitney.

Off to Saint John tomorrow, friends on Sunday and celebrating Garret's birthday on  Monday, busy weekend the way I like it....

Happy Canada day.....


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Catching up.

So for the last two days, I have read lots of blogs and caught up on news in general. I have read everything in my reader for the last couple of days and left a few comments too.

When I decided to cut back blogging to three times a week, I decided that I would try and find the time to reply to all the comments that were left here. It was something I saw Vicky, Sue and Victor all do and liked that they took the time to reply. I keep on missing replies though. I am hoping that will be one thing that will change now that I have a tablet and internet is much faster and accessible.

Tom's confirmation was a lovely night. Daniel, my mum and Daniel's girlfriend Cassie all came down on the Thursday and stayed until the Sunday. On Saturday, Tom's God parents came as well. I managed to sew Tom's pants and most of his shirt but we had a disaster with the sleeve. I was having trouble getting button holes in the cuff so after unpicking two bad button holes, I decided to put some studs in. I put the first one in the wrong way and realised straight away. I knew we wouldn't be able to fix it in time so we went to Target and got him a new shirt to wear instead. I still don't really know how to get the press stud out so think I will cut a new cuff and remove the other one. I will hopefully get it done during the holidays. My dress was really easy and I managed to finish it off while I was waiting for Daniel, Cassie and Mum to arrive. Photos will come soon. 

Joseph had the botox injections a week ago today. The Rehab specialist said it would take about a week for us to notice much difference. I took him for a physio session the next day and we could already see a marked change. I am really confident now that this treatment was just right for him and that we are going to see improvements in his walking and stance. 

Tomorrow is the last day of term 2 and we have two weeks of holidays. I am looking forward to having time with everyone. Daniel will be coming during the middle weekend and we have a few outings planned. 


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy Anniversary Anitha and Rama 43 yrs...

Rama and Anitha 43rd Anniversary

Chris, Christin,Megan Pat and Matthew
Kiley and Angela
Megan,Pat,Matthew and Nikk

Stephen, Kelly Nikk and Jorden
Pat and Pat
Had a lovely evening out with Rama and Anitha celebrating their 43rd Anniversary.  We went to Skipper Jack's, a seafood restaurent on Mapleton Road, a first time visit for all of us and not the last.
We had a bit of a wait but it was worth it, the food was excellent, the guys had fish and chips with Halibut, (usually its with Haddock but they ran out) and Anitha and I had steak, I know a seafood restaurent and having steak but Anitha is does not like fish. 

The owner of the food establishment came up to everyone saying he was sorry for the wait and offered us dessert on the house.  If your looking for good seafood try it, you won't regret it.

Here are some pictures of all of the gang at Pat's Saturday night, Pat was so pleased to have everyone together and we had a lovely evening. 

Rain here today, back to therapy this afternoon, thought the arm (tennis elbow) was cleared up but it acted up again so think maybe another treatment or so has to be done. 


I am back in the blogsphere. I have been absent due to life being very busy. Two weeks ago, I was busy getting ready for Tom's confirmation and last week, I was busy getting ready for our day trip to Adelaide for Joseph to have his botox injections. Finally this week I am feeling like life is easy again. I am hoping to get back into reading blogs and posting here too.

I have a new Android tablet and I am going to be using it for most of my blog pisting. This post is a bit of a trial run to see how ell the tablet handles it and how easily I can share posts on facebok, twitter and plurk. Looking forward to catching up with all your blogs.


Monday, June 25, 2012

Great weekend with great friends...

Friday I headed to Miramichi for a busy weekend with all the friends in Miramichi.  Friday evening we met with the gals from Royal Bank and enjoyed supper at the Castle Manor, a new restaurent in the center of town.

Mac had driven me to Rogersville to meet Pat and we enjoyed breakfast and visited Mr. Tomato and I picked up a couple of gifts for some special people I was going to visit.

Some of the gals were unable to make supper as they were away or not not feeling the best but we missed you Mary.....

Will share pictures from Saturday tomorrow...

Congratulations to the boys on playing such a great weekend of Lacrosse, Trent got MVP .  They didn't win the tournament but they had fun.  Even Dad is seen here helping out on the team. Rob is back row on the end next to man in black.  Grampie enjoyed all the games and Rama came to see the boys game and was very impressed with the game of Lacrosse.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pool is officially open.... can you tell...

The kids were having a ball yesterday as the pool came together and new pool toys were bought, newest toy called the Bee Hive.

Today is the last day of school so its fun fun fun for all the kids and I imagine a bit noisy at the Cormier house if this is any indication of whats ahead.

Getting ready to head out in morning to Miramichi for a few days , looking forward to seeing everyone.  Its going to be busy busy.

 This morning Kate made breakfast, french toast and I see she decorated it up with the local strawberries now out from Nova Scotia, are they ever good.  This is a favorite picture of Kate that I just love.

Well folks no blog tomorrow, off till next week when I return... See you then.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

swap cards received....

both cards came from Rena in Brooklyn NY....

Good morning everyone well had a busy day yesterday running most of day with Kate, boy its going tn be a busy summer.  Thank goodness their pool is ready and they will get to enjoy it with the nice weather.

Last night we attended the boys Lacrosse game and what a game it was.  First of all only 6 players showed up for the game against Sackville who had more than enough players.  Our boys were out on the rink the whole game and ended up with a tie game which made for an exciting game.  Garret got 2 goals and Trent 1 .

When I got home my friend Pat in Miramichi called and I am heading there this weekend, all  her family will be there and her son in law is making his famous fish and chips Saturday night so I  here he is makes them as good as Estey's Fish and chips so I will be the test Stephen....... I imagine I'll hear lots of jokes out of the cook as well. 

Friday night its dinner with the RBC girls, a fun night... always look forward to seeing them.  

Botox tomorrow.

This is Joseph's leg. See how he kinks his knee right back?
Tomorrow we will go to Adelaide and Joseph will have botox injections into his leg. This will paralysis his strong muscle so that he is forced to use his weak one.
I wanted to get this photo to see if we can notice a difference down the track with his leg.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Wall......

the old

Bill and Mac got at it...

The new.......

Well the guys worked all day on the wall and I was so pleased with the results, What a difference
the new bricks make.

While they took time off for lunch we had a surprise visit from Paula and Laurie from Oromocto, they came down to see the new golf store and of course they made purchases. lol... It was good to see
them and Pumpkin too..

Weather great this week and Men are off golfing. I was up early this AM and off to Riverview to take Kate to Boys and Girls club where she is volunteering this summer, unfortunately the meeting was not till this afternoon to introduce her to staff etc... 

Have a good day..

Monday, June 18, 2012

Fathers Day

 It was a beautiful sunny day and the kids came over to enjoy lunch with us.

The barbeque was full of hamburgers and a great day to enjoy the sun.  As you see Garret saw the opportunity to lay on the swing and enjoy his donut or should I say donuts........

The kids then enjoyed a swim in the pool at their other grandparents and had supper with them.

Kate brought Marcus along to meet the falily....

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Down memory lane.....

Mac on duty at the Barbeque
Pat waiting for
Princess Street Saint John..... walked it many many times

Hello again, Well certainly isn't as nice today as it has been but it didn't stop the golfers.

I am sitting at home waiting for a load of gravel and rocks to be delivered and of course the gravel came first so bricks are not going where Mr. Mac would have liked them to go.  (Should have been here). lol....

Yesterday we enjoyed a barbeque outside after a visit to see my daughter and family.  Took the kids for
dilly bars at DQ , Susan had a coupon for buy one, get one but I didn't really expect to pay 15.00 for 1 box of 12, whow
no wonder they have these coupons. haha... The kids enjoyed them anyway.

Last night I got a phone call from an old friend of many many years, Mary Jayne , she was my maid of honor at the wedding.  We talked over 2 hours and I could have talked to her the night away.  Oh the memories of the South End flooded back .  It was so good talking to her and I hope one day soon we can meet face to face and enjoy one of our old favorites (egg salad sandwiches)......

Well thats it for today, Love this photo of Princess street, such a busy street normally but this must have been taken in the still of the night...... 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Physio today....

Trents 12th birthday

Good morning, another lovely day and I had my coffee sitting out on the patio looking at the
flowers we planted.  We got the little cast iron seat holding one plant is from Christmas tree shop, I love it and glad we found room in car for it.

Sandi dropped in yesterday for coffee so again we got to sit on patio while weather is good.  Last night  the boys removed the stones from our front wall and the new wall will go up this weekend, will show the before and after at that time.

Above is a picture of Trents 12th birthday, got to get the scrapbook started for Susan so have a pile of pictures to scrap.  Still adding pictures to my smash book...

Monday, June 11, 2012

Its a beautifull morning

Good morning, a beautiful sunny day and the men are off to golf 9 holes, going back again tonight
for men's night.  Thought I would do a few golf pages in scrapbooking this weekend seeing as they
could not get out to golf at all. 

Trent and Garret playing Lacrosse yesterday and we went to see the game.  Garret had gotten a call at
the last minute to play on that team, and he had been so disappointed that he was not old enough to make that team but at the last minute the coach called and said they would allow him.  Boy that made his day.

 Kate has an appointment for her braces, hopefully they will come off any day now......

Have a lovely day.