Friday, April 21, 2017


WEBLiNK: what is it anyway? 

Discussion about what Web link, and not The Web link is one of the two free fire (JLink is on the other side) by the PTC Pro/engineer applications that is provided. According to the documentation by PTC is a JavaScript library for Web-based links used in the embedded Web browser. Sounds great, but it's about as accurate as a description of the car as the creator of the hole. 

Well, here in Detroit, which is nothing more than a right, especially when Vedula ... but I digress. This truth is not really a JavaScript based on all Web links. It is based on Microsoft ActiveX/COM/OLE objects on Windows, and Mozilla XP-COM on UNIX. You should use even JavaScript. Under Windows, you can use VBScript, Perl, Python, or one of the languages of your choice that can access COM objects.

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