Saturday, April 22, 2017

How to Make Duct Tape Stuff

how to make duct tape stuff | DIY Sharpie Duct Tape Flower Pen | Spring Sharpie Marker Crafts DIY Watch Annie and her sister Laura show how to make Duct Tape Flower Sharpie Markers, Crafts and Gifts for Spring and Easter! Duct Tape and Sharpie marker pens, two of the greatest things to have on hand all the time. Girls can make limitless crafts, creations, and projects with duct tape and sharpie markers!

Making spring duct tape flower sharpie marker crafts is really simple, easy, and quick. We used Sharpie markers and turned them into flowers, but this can be done to any pencil or pen. These are awesome crafts to do or gifts to make for Easter and spring too!

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